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Potentia Engineering was born out of a passion for engineering and renewable energy.
Dan Smith, Managing Director, Potentia Engineering.

I'm Dan, the founder of Potentia Engineering Ltd. Potentia Engineering was born out of my passion for engineering and renewable energy.

In the last 5 years, technology in the home has increased exponentially – some time ago, it would have only been possible to design, install and use exciting and interesting equipment, by working in a more technical  industrial or corporate setting. This is precisely where I was, and although I enjoyed the ‘tech’, working in a big sprawling organisation wasn’t for me.

I have always recognised that more needs to be done to cut our outdated dependence on fossil fuels – it just does not make sense when there are some great substitutes out there – solar energy being just one. The investment needs to start now, and beyond government level.

Solar systems are an incredibly powerful tool to unshackle yourself from the grid and breakaway from the enduring energy price volatility surrounding us today. We have some incredible solutions which can help you save money and help us all save the planet. The positives are just too big to ignore!

But, at the same time, we understand that it’s an investment, and this requires capital, which right or wrong, not everyone has access to. However, we are witnessing a real shift in wholesale energy prices, which appear to be a permanent feature for at least the medium term. This gives the investment real credibility as every unit you produce at home is a unit you are not buying from the grid.

We can help! Just think every time the unit price for electricity doubles, the return (or payback period) for your solar investment halves. We offer friendly advice, whether you choose us or not, we hope you’ll remain a friend to our business.

Our work in numbers

1.6 GWp

of residential solar installed in 2023


equivalent trees planted

1.032 kT

CO2 emissions saved


Commercial solar modules installed in 2023


Energy produced from our commercial systems in 2023


carbon offset in tonnes from our commercial systems in 2023


Equivalent trees planted in 2023 from our commercial systems

1.6 GWp

of residential solar installed in 2023

Where we operate

We are based in Cheltenham but operate country-wide depending on size and scope of the project. Please get in touch if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

Our values

We're proud of the way we work, and everything we do is underpinned by our core values. We have a self-enforcing strategy to ensure we always deliver a satisfactory service to our clients.

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Your electrical system is a core part of your home or business and most could not imagine life without it. We are proud to attract the best industry has to offer by treating our people with the utmost respect, we get the best
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Reliability is not just a value, but a guarantee. We pride ourselves on delivering PV solutions that not only meet the highest industry standards but stand the test of time. From the dependability of cutting-edge technologies to the trustworthiness of our expert team, we strive for excellence in every aspect.
Honesty is the best policy – a cliche expression, but it really is a fundamental virtue that acts as one of the cornerstones of our culture. We promise to always tell the truth, be upfront if something hasn’t gone to plan and always fulfil our moral responsibility to fix a mistake. Be assured, always strive for perfection and we’ll always offer you the best service we can deliver.
Installing solar panels
We’ve operated in the corporate workspace for many years, so we understand the importance of communication in business. We aim to always keep you informed and remain transparent throughout our journey together. We believe rapport is a powerful tool which builds trust in a relationship, and we aim to put our clients at ease by taking a meticulous approach to explaining how your prospective system works and how we set out to provide our service to you from day one.

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