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Unshackle yourself from expensive grid-tied energy with solar.

Welcome to Potentia Engineering - pioneers of the energy revolution. Our dedication to detail, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainability guarantees a smooth transition to a cleaner, greener energy future.


Providing solar power and related systems for homes.
Commercial solar services


Complex and bespoke solar energy systems for businesses.
Residential solar PV project
Solar PV Panels
Installing solar panels isn’t just a practical way to reduce your reliance on the national grid; it’s a powerful step towards financial savings and environmental responsibility.
PureDrive Batteries
Batteries & Storage
Ideal for those with a surplus of solar energy, our battery storage systems provide a pathway to liberate yourself from the national grid.
EV Charging
EV Charging
We prioritise not only the efficiency of our EV charging solutions, but also the seamless experience they bring to our customers. Our team of skilled installers are ready to embark on this green journey with you, ensuring a hassle-free transition to sustainable transport.
Immersion Diverters
Immersion Diverters
Immersion diverters, also known as immersion controllers or hot water diverters, are devices designed to enhance the self-consumption of solar energy generated by Photovoltaic (PV) systems by directing surplus electricity to heat water in immersion heaters.
Managing some of the largest commercial solar installations in the UK

How Solar Systems Work

Find out about the components that make up typical solar energy system.

Components of a solar system
Potentia’s wealth of experience and expertise convinced us that they were the ideal solar partner for our venture

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Read more about solar power, ev charging and battery storage solutions and keep up to date with news on our latest projects.

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Solar Systems
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