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Empowering Education: Potentia Engineering’s Journey to Illuminate Lives in Ghana
On a mission to create tangible impact, Potentia Engineering, under the leadership of its Director, embarked on a collaboration with the UK-based EDP charity last year. This marked the start of an inspiring relationship and future endeavours, commencing with designing a solar system for a school in Ghana.
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Potentia Engineering not only contributed its design expertise but went a step further, committing to facilitating the installation—a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to creating lasting change.

In November, the Director of Potentia Engineering personally visited Ghana to witness the urgent need for a reliable power system at the school. The critical activities of uninterrupted teaching and powering essential components, such as pumps for the swimming pool and the water purification plant, were heavily dependent on a dependable energy source. With the existing grid falling short, the constant struggle to balance generator running costs with essential expenses, like feeding the children, remained a persistent concern.

As April 2024 approaches, the dedicated team at Potentia Engineering is gearing up to be on-site, leading the installation with services provided at zero cost.

A heartfelt acknowledgement goes to Potentia Engineering's European partners, Nanosun, for their remarkable equipment donation, solidifying the company's ability to bring this incredible project to fruition. Their generosity knows no bounds, with the donation of 80 solar modules, multiple high-voltage battery systems, and inverters—all set to land on UK shores in the coming weeks! The installation solution promises a top-notch, sustainable system, employing modern technology delivered by Potentia Engineering's skilled installers.

In the upcoming weeks, the bulk of the equipment will be prepared for shipping. Starting its journey from the Czech Republic, it will traverse through England, eventually packed onto a 40ft container for its final voyage to the Awutu Winton Senior High School in Ghana.

While this project poses considerable challenges on multiple fronts, Potentia Engineering's determination to overcome them and pave the way for a brighter future for these students remains resolute. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative journey!

For those inspired to contribute to the cause, it costs approximately £250 a year to fund a child's education at the school. Support can make a meaningful difference, and donations can be made here. Together with Potentia Engineering, let's light up the path to sustainable education and opportunity for these students in Ghana.

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