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Installing solar panels isn't just a practical way to reduce your reliance on the national grid; it's a powerful step towards financial savings and environmental responsibility.

Reduce your reliance on the National Grid with a Solar PV System

Installing a solar PV system is a compelling concept to diminish your reliance on the national grid for your energy. It brings undeniable financial benefits and ensures you are contributing to the well-being of our planet for generations to come.

We possess expert knowledge and extensive experience in crafting high-performance solar systems. We exclusively endorse top-tier equipment to meet your requirements. Our team consists of meticulous designers and installers who are eager to assist you in positively transforming the way you utilise your energy consumption.

We are a group of fully accredited and qualified designers and installers. Additionally, we hold licences as professional engineers from the UK’s Engineering Council, giving the confidence that you are collaborating with highly capable and professional individuals.

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Solar PV FAQs

We’ve put together some of the most common questions we get asked regarding Solar PV, EV charging, battery storage and related topics.

No, solar panels do not require direct sunlight! Of course, panels will generate more energy when situated in direct sunlight, with peak irradiance of around 1000W per m2. However, during daylight hours there is always some level of irradiance to capitalise on.

Bifacial panels capture irradiance (light) on both sides of the solar panel. This can be a huge advantage in efficiency and overall energy savings. There are certain conditions which make bifacial panels well suited to their environment. Bifacial panels absorb irradiance on both sides of the solar panel, therefore one side captures irradiance more directly, whereas the reverse side captures reflected light from nearby surfaces. It’s therefore best to situate these panels where there are highly reflective surfaces nearby.

There are a few solutions on the market for pest protection. We recommend a black mesh which is discrete and very effective at keeping birds and rodents from nesting under your panels.

Yes, solar panels work in winter. Although solar irradiance is much lower in the winter and the days are shorter, this does affect solar energy production.

Yes, solar panels and batteries can certainly be taken with you when you move. Clearly there are practical considerations to this and a better solution may be to price the cost of the system into the property sale price.

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