Solar PV


Installing solar panels is an incredible way to slash your dependence on the national grid for your energy. It comes with undeniable financial benefit and will ensure you are doing your bit for the planet.


We only recommend the best equipment in the industry and have a team of diligent installers who will be keen to help you revolutionise your energy.


We are fully accredited and qualified designers and installers. We are also licensed professional engineers with the UK’s Engineering Council – giving you the confidence that you are working with the best.

Solar PV & battery storage


Installing a battery storage system along side your solar system is a sure way of harnessing every photon the sun throws at you. It especially well suited to those who have a high excess of solar energy and want to unshackle themselves from the national grid by using a much greater proportion of the energy they produce, instead of exporting to the grid.


Batteries store energy in periods of low demand and allow you save it for a time when your demand does up and you’re not generating or production is low, e.g. at night or early evening.  The initial outlay for a solar system, complete a with battery, is higher, but the pay back period can still be far less than it would be without a battery. Check our latest article on self-consumption here to learn more.

Standalone battery storage

Optimise your grid dependency

Sometimes it’s not possible or economically feasible to install a renewable energy system at your home or commercial premises. However, a standalone battery storage (AC coupled) system can have a tremendously positive impact on the amount you pay for your energy. Batteries can be programmed to charge when energy is at its cheapest, and then discharge during the peak usage periods. You can even go one step further and use a dynamic tariff offered by an energy provider such as Octopus energy. This provides you with incredible versatility, as your battery will intelligently charge when energy is cheap, and it’s even possible to be paid to charge when there is a surplus of energy on the grid.

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