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Potentia Engineering was invited to consult on the next phase of Carbana’s nationwide roll-out, to bring renewable energy to over 100 car washes.
Cabana car washes


Carbana provides a unique spin on traditional carwashes, aiming to revolutionise the industry with sustainable technology and ethical practices.

Potentia Engineering was invited to consult on the next phase of Carbana’s nationwide roll-out, to bring renewable energy to over 100 car washes. As part of the initial consultation, we embarked on a comprehensive assessment of Carbana's energy consumption patterns across its current car wash facilities. This involved meticulous data collection and analysis to understand the current energy demands and usage trends.

Our primary objective was to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating solar energy solutions into Carbana's operations.  This entailed a detailed examination of various factors, including site suitability, solar panel efficiency, financial  implications,  and  potential  environmental  benefits.

Through a cost-benefit analysis we communicated the financial viability of transitioning and implemented Solar solutions across the UK sites. This involved quantifying the upfront investment required for solar installation against the projected long-term savings and return on investment (ROI) generated through reduced energy bills and potential incentives.

Recognising Carbana's commitment to sustainability, we aimed to assess the potential environmental impact of adopting solar energy solutions. This included estimating the reduction in carbon emissions, as well as other ecological benefits associated with utilising renewable energy sources.

Based on our findings, Potentia Engineering aimed to formulate actionable recommendations tailored to Carbana's specific needs and objectives. These recommendations encompassed optimal solar system configurations, financing options, and implementation strategies to maximize the benefits while aligning with Carbana's sustainability goals.



For Carbana's solar project, we selected a fully optimised SolarEdge PV architecture, prioritising safety, performance, and long-term maintenance benefits. This solution incorporated PV optimisers connected in series with solar PV panels at a 1:1 ratio, enhancing system resilience and performance over its lifespan.

One standout feature of this optimised solution is the 'safe DC' feature, effectively mitigating high DC voltages between string cables during daylight hours, even when the system is mechanically isolated. This advanced safety measure significantly reduces physical hazards, making maintenance tasks safer and more precise.

Additionally, this system allowed for granular monitoring and fault analysis by mapping array components to the physical design. Monitoring is conducted at the panel level, enabling swift identification and resolution of issues, thereby minimising downtime and maintenance costs as the system ages. This approach facilitated selective component replacement, enhancing system longevity and performance optimisation.

While implementing this sophisticated solution increased upfront costs, its long-term benefits in terms of safety, performance optimisation, and maintenance efficiency, far outweigh the initial investment. By choosing SolarEdge technology, Carbana is positioned to maximise the returns on its solar investment while ensuring operational safety and resilience for years to come.


Benefits One

Sustainability Leadership: Carbana's adoption of solar energy underscores its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, setting a precedent for other businesses in the carwash industry to follow. By reducing reliance on conventional energy sources, the project contributes to carbon footprint reduction and promotes a greener business model.

Benefits Two

Cost Savings and Financial Viability:  The implementation of solar technology offers substantial long-term cost savings through drastically reduced energy bills. By harnessing renewable energy, Carbana can mitigate the impact of fluctuating energy prices and achieve greater financial stability whilst maximising the return on investment. The combined energy bill savings across 100 operational sites is estimated to be £550 000 per year!

Benefits Three

Community Impact and Brand Enhancement: Carbana's investment in solar energy not only benefits the company financially, but also enhances its reputation as a socially responsible business. By prioritising sustainability and embracing innovative solutions, Carbana strengthens its relationship with customers, employees, and the broader community, positioning itself as a leader in sustainable business practices.


Potentia Engineering’s expertise was crucial for Carbana’s solar project success. Their insights and recommendations enabled us to develop a practical strategy aligned with our sustainability goals. Their professionalism and proactive communication ensured smooth collaboration, driving positive change in our industry.
Josef Pike
Head of Design

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