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Jaguar Land Rover

The task encompassed the strip and reinstatement of a 1.1 MWp solar PV system, comprising of 4,518 solar panels, situated on a vast 30,000 square-meter roof surface.
Jaguar Land Rover

When we were approached last year to assist Jaguar LandRover with their solar PV project, we couldn't say no! With the team always being up for a challenge, this was always going to be one to test our installation capabilities to the limit. Unfortunately JLR were suffering from the perils of a solar PV system which had outlived the life of the roof surface, which needed replacing to combat the catastrophic water ingress over the preceding months. This meant the entire solar array had to be stripped back to allow the roof to be repaired.

This unique project involved the comprehensive validation and mapping of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system with an undisclosed number of components and an unclear system state, lacking any accompanying documentation. This presented a challenging scenario that required a meticulous approach to understanding and evaluating the entire system.

More specifically, the task encompassed the strip and reinstatement of a 1.1 MWp solar PV system, comprising of 4,518 solar panels, situated on a vast 30,000-square-meter roof surface. The scale of the system, coupled with the absence of any detailed documentation, posed a significant challenge, necessitating a thorough assessment and documentation process before physical work could begin.

A critical aspect of the project involved an extensive refurbishment program, carefully synchronised with a 5-month construction timeline aligned with the replacement of the roof surface This strategic coordination ensured that the solar PV system's refurbishment seamlessly integrated with the broader infrastructure improvements, optimising efficiency and minimising disruptions to JLR's engineering operations.

The 5-month project included the rewiring of DC cabling on the roof, replacing any identified defective materials and ensuring the system's reliability and safety. Upon completion of the refurbishment program, a rigorous full system verification testing and inspection was conducted to validate the functionality, integrity, and electrical compliance of the solar PV system. This meticulous approach aimed to guarantee the optimal performance and longevity of the solar energy infrastructure at JLR, Whitley.

We used Potentia Engineering for a complex dismantle and re-installation at JLR Whitely and from start to finish, the process was seamless. Their presentation at tender was balanced and informative and they showcased their expertise on suggested solutions with the addition of components to help extend the longevity of the system for our customer. The team provided a clear and detailed outline of the installation process, resulting in less micromanaging and site updates were given frequently. The installation team further demonstrated their finesse when tackling problems on site and exhibited a high level of professionalism. Their commitment to keep the programme on course was really appreciated and their ability to adjust their schedule of works to accommodate other contractor requirements was acknowledged. They maintained a great working relationship with the team on site and kept their area clean and tidy. We look forward to working with Potentia Engineering in the near future.
Russell Cole

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