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Cheltenham home solar system

When Stephen approached us for a solar system, we were adamant we provided the best solution possible to meet his needs.
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In today's era of environmental consciousness and rising energy costs, many homeowners are turning to sustainable solutions to power their property. One such client, Mr. Donohoe in Cheltenham, exemplifies this trend.

Concerned about reducing his carbon footprint and electricity bills, Mr. Donohoe sought a reliable, future-proof energy solution for his home. This case study delves into his journey towards embracing solar power with battery storage, highlighting the initial requirements capture and survey, detailed specification, excellent communication, and post-installation customer care by our company.

During the initial consultation, Mr. Donohoe expressed his desire for a sustainable energy solution that could power his home while minimising his dependence on the grid. He emphasised the importance of future-proofing the system to accommodate potential increases in energy consumption and technological advancements. A thorough site survey assessed the suitability of his property for solar panel installation, considering factors such as roof orientation, shading, and available space. Historical energy usage patterns were analysed to size the system appropriately, with battery storage recommended to enhance energy independence.

Based on survey findings and Mr. Donohoe's preferences, a 9kWp solar power system was proposed, comprising high-efficiency photovoltaic panels strategically positioned on his roof. The system was designed to generate sufficient electricity to meet current needs and accommodate potential future expansions. Integration of battery storage ensured energy resilience, storing excess solar energy for use during periods of low sunlight or grid outages. A detailed specification document outlined system components, technical specifications, installation timeline, and cost breakdown, ensuring transparency and client confidence.

Throughout the project, communication played a pivotal role. Pre-installation communication addressed Mr. Donohoe's questions and concerns, providing regular updates on progress and preparing him for the installation process. During installation, technicians worked diligently to minimise disruption to his daily routine, prioritising safety, quality, and attention to detail. Post-installation support included comprehensive training on system monitoring and maintenance, alongside ongoing customer care to address any issues or inquiries.

By collaborating closely and providing a tailored solar power solution aligned with his needs and aspirations, his home was transformed into a sustainable, energy-efficient environment. Through meticulous planning, excellent communication, and ongoing support, he was empowered to enjoy the benefits of solar energy while contributing to a greener future and left us this cracking review in the process.

Dan and the team have done a fantastic job on our recent solar project. From the outset when Dan visited us to get the requirement, I realised that Potentia are not like other suppliers. Dan took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve and explained why he advocated the solution he was going to recommend. He got it spot on. It is clear Dan really knows the business he is in and has a real energy about delivering great outcomes.
Mr. Donohoe

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