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Puredrive Energy is a rapidly growing equipment manufacturer, spearheading British innovation in battery technology and other solar PV compatible devices.

We share Puredrive’s passion to create market leading products which enable domestic clients and businesses to leverage cheap off-peak grid energy and maximise self-consumption of on site solar generated energy.

We are huge advocates of the full (and rapidly expanding) suite of Puredrive products and the unmatched quality and product support which is offered to their customers. We maintain a strong business relationship with Puredrive as industry partners and share many core values.


Puredrive commercial battery system

PureStorage II 3-Phase Battery

Puredrive’s commercial battery system, the PureStorage II, is a class-leading 3-phase battery designed and developed in the UK.

Keeping You Safe

Designed for commercial and large domestic installs. The longest-lasting and safest lithium battery cell technology available. Giving you the greatest value while keeping you safe.

Grow On Demand

Designed for simple installation and expansion. Easy to expand, built with multi-cluster capability allowing for greater storage volume when you need it.


Parallel capability allows a range between 11.5kWh and 69kWh. Start small and expand on demand.

Smart Automated Management

The Puredrive APP is smart and automatically operates time-of-use tariffs, providing you with hassle-free savings.

Battery storage

Puredrive home battery system

PureStorage II Battery

An award winning battery system designed in the UK.

Modular capacity

A modular design with capacity range of 5 - 25KWh makes it simple to increase battery storage as your needs change.

Future proofed

With the longest battery life and fastest charge rates you are future proofed to maximise your return on investment.

Choice, Flexibility and Freedom

Install inside or outside your home and easily expand capacity when you choose, to gain more energy independence.

Hassle free automated cost savings

Puredrive’s PURASystem is managed by their smart app which automatically maximises your energy cost savings by integrating time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV charger.

PureDrive Batteries

Puredrive EV chargers

Puredrive PureCharger 7KW-T

Puredrive’s commercial battery system, the PureStorage II, is a class-leading 3-phase battery designed and developed in the UK.

Superior Quality Design Built to Last

IP65 rating for water and dust, IK10 rating to withstand severe impact, U0 for fire retardancy, and OZEV Approved 3-Year Warranty, meeting the highest UK government standards.

PURASystem Compatability

Optimised to work in harmony with Purdrive's battery system.

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