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We possess expert knowledge and extensive experience in crafting high-performance solar systems in the commercial sector.

Commercial solar arrays convert electromagnetic radiation into electrical energy which can be used in several ways to benefit your business. The energy produced can be used in your premises to:

  1. Service current electrical demand
  2. Exported to the public electricity network for payment.
  3. Where there is excess energy at the time of generation, this can also be stored for your business to use at a later date.

Our services

Solar systems for commercial customers

We can design, install and maintain large-scale and complex commercial solar systems.


Solar PV Panels

Take advantage of large roof spaces and generate additional income from solar panels
EV Charging

Keep your fleet moving

EV Charging

EV charging infrastructure for employees or customers.

Clean energy on demand

Batteries & storage

Reduce reliance on expensive grid-supplied energy.

Long term support


Maintenance and support packages to ensure smooth long-term operation of solar systems.

Proven commercial benefits

As the demand for renewable energy continues to grow, more and more businesses are looking to invest in commercial rooftop solar panel installations.  There are many benefits to installing a solar array including financial savings, environmental benefits, and improved public relations. However, the installation process can be complex and requires expertise in a range of areas, including electrical & structural engineering, planning and project management.

We will help you to navigate the installation process with an end-to-end service and ensure that you get the most out of your investment in renewable energy.

A commercial solar system can significantly reduce your utility costs, make your day-to-day operations more efficient and make your business eligible for tax relief through investment allowances and carbon taxes. Additional income and savings can provide a huge reduction in one of the greatest fixed costs for normal operations and drastically reduce the size of your business’s carbon footprint.

Many premises already have viable roof space which can be used to generate solar energy. We work with our clients by performing detailed surveys and engineering recommendations to maximise your return through system life.  

Once we have analysed your energy consumption profile and usage data (where available), we provide recommendations for the optimum system size to maximise the reduction in your energy consumption. Where no data can be provided, or where it is not clear at what point in time units are consumed, we have the ability to conduct a power consumption survey over a fixed period using complex measurement instruments to later inform a design using advanced commercial grade software packages.

Managing some of the largest commercial solar installations in the UK.

Our work in numbers

We’ve worked on some of the largest commercial solar power systems in the UK


Solar modules installed in 2023


Energy produced from our installed systems in 2023


Equivalent trees planted in 2023


carbon offset in tonnes from our systems in 2023

Why choose Potential Engineering for your commercial solar project?

Building on our experience as an expert commercial solar panel company in the UK, we’ll work in harmony with you to design a system that both meets your energy needs and reduces the environmental impact of your business. Be assured, we are mindful of any potential disruption in the course of providing our service to you, but we’ll work with you to eradicate any negative impact on your operations for a streamlined, positive and effective service.

Our solar installation team has experience delivering some very challenging commercial rooftop solar PV installations and frequently this part of a complex programme of work involving several moving parts.

We work with the best technology solutions

Health & Safety

Health and Safety forms a major part of our operations and is never neglected. All our operatives are certified under the UK’s Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) or the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS), ensuring work is always carried out by persons meeting the minimum standards of competence stipulated by the Construction Skills Leadership Council (CLC). These certifications also require operatives to engage in formal health and safety training.

Prior to work commencing, our appointed safety manager will always produce a site-specific risk assessment and method statement, highlighting and mitigating any risks associated with your works. We will work with your appointed safety professional(s) to inform your business’s risk assessment and hazard log, where this is required. 

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